Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Travel by Bus

Although traveling by bus can open up a whole new world for the traveler in terms of meeting new people and seeing the scenery exhibited in a new way, it can also be a tedious journey that can leave a sour taste for future bus adventures. As one of the cheapest ways to travel and the most environmentally friendly, it is worth it to take a second look at traveling to your destinations by bus.

Traveling by Bus

Modern society is all about convenience. In terms of food, travel, and even personal hygiene; products are manufactured in order to make the process easier, faster and less monotonous. Although conveniences such as the modern railway, high speed tube trains and the airplane are in use on a daily basis, traveling by bus cannot be said to be on the decline; as the cheapest form of travel it is in fact the best way to view the world.

This is illustrated perfectly in the book, ‘A Fortune-Teller Told Me,’ by Tizian Terzani. He describes how his life was changed when it was foretold by a fortune teller that he would die if he traveled by plane in a certain year of his life. The book goes on to further show all the new things he experienced while traveling by bus, foot and by rail, which he normally would not have seen if he had traveled by airplane.

Beating Boredom and Fatigue on the Bus

Despite the excitement of exploring a whole new world by bus, unless the bus is of the luxurious variety, has air conditioning, ample foot space and a television monitor for in-house entertainment, the bus ride can be downright uncomfortable and tiresome. Here are some tips to help ease the pain of traveling by bus:

Plan the bus ride: Discover how long the journey will be, what route will be taken, and where the bus plans to make its fueling stops. This way, personal necessities such as bathroom and food breaks can be planned for in route.

Pack some snacks, drinks and water to keep the body hydrated: In a bus with poor air flow, the heat inside can become unbearable and without water will lead to headaches and dehydration. Remember that the refueling stops that buses make are never near any restaurants or shops with good, healthy food; so pack some healthy snacks and food to prevent indigestion.

Dress warmly and stock up on socks and blankets: Despite the weathers best efforts to drive up the body temperature during the day, temperatures can drop drastically at night. Trying to drink hot coffee on a moving bus is never advisable but conserving body heat is.

Keep busy: Depending on the type of bus being traveled on, be it luxury or economy; there are a variety of activities to do to keep away the boredom. For entertainment, carry a laptop with an endless supply of movies, use earphones to drown out the boring sound of the bus’s engines and depending on how long the journey is, pack a supply of good books to read.

Dress comfortably: Dress in light clothes that do not constrict any part of the body while traveling. Ladies, no one looks good while traveling for long hours on a bus, so forget the body image and go for comfort instead. Wear tracksuit pants, or other loose fitting clothing. Trying to sleep in a body hugging top or trousers will only cause discomfort later on.

Keep moving: Stretch out and move around with every opportunity as sitting in one place continuously can have a negative impact on the body.

Talk to your partner: When traveling with strangers, be on good terms with the person seated in the immediate vicinity. This can allow for seat or story swapping and a more enjoyable bus ride!

Safety First!

The last and most important aspect of traveling by bus is to make sure that all personal luggage is secure and accounted for. One of the things that can make the bus ride a ride from hell is having luggage either lost or stolen during the trip. Make sure that luggage is secure; use bags or suitcases that can use a padlock and make sure that luggage is accounted for at every traveler drop off point.

When the bus journey is over and the bus is arriving at the final destination, make sure all hand luggage is easily accessible, and try to be in the first tide of people coming off the bus to prevent misplacement or theft of luggage from the luggage bays. Above all, have a good and exciting journey, enjoy the scenery; and if the bus has seat belts, do not forget to buckle up!

By Letina